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Newcastle Disease and Egg Drop Syndrome Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain La Sota + Strain Jing 911)

[Drug Name]

Generic name: Newcastle Disease and Egg Drop Syndrome Vaccine, Inactivated(Strain La Sota+Strain Jin 911)

Trade name: Trade name:SCBM-ND+EDS

English name: Newcastle Disease and Egg Drop Syndrome Vaccine, Inactivated(Strain La Sota+Strain Jin 911)

Chinese pronunciation: Ji Xinchengyi Jiandanzonghezheng Erlian MiehuoYimiao

[Composition]The product is prepared using the imported adjuvant. The vaccine is composed of inactivated NDV (Strain La Sota) and EDSV (Strain Jing 911). [Description]  Milky white emulsion

[Function and Application]It is used to prevent NDV and EDSV infection in chickens. 

[ Application  and  Dosage] Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

It is suggest that 0.5ml / bird for pre-laying chickens in 14~28 days before laying.

[Abnormal Reaction] There are no abnormal reactions generally.


(1)Freezing is prohibited.

(2)The vaccine should be mixed evenly and  recovered to normal temperature by shaking before use.

(3)The product is not to allowed to use in weak chickens or in chickens with other diseases.

(4)The product should be evenly mixed by shaking before and during use.

(5)The injector should be boiling disinfected and the needle should be changed frequently during injection.

(6)The contaminated items such as bottles, remaining vaccines, utensils should be disposed by innocent treatment.

(7)It is forbidden to use within 28 days before slaughter.

[Specification](1) 100 ml/bottle   (2)250 ml/bottle.

[Package] 40 bottles /box.

[Storage & Expiration] 2~8℃, valid for 12 months

[Approval No.]SYSZ (2014) 190912043


Used only under the guidance of veterinarian

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